4 Reasons to Consider a Trackless Folding Automatic Gate

Posted on: 15 March 2023


Automatic gates add a fantastic layer of convenience and security to your property, but you might find it hard to decide on the right type to fit your needs. Most people assume that sliding gates with tracks are the best option, but you should also think about installing a trackless folding automatic gate.

While sliding gates slide the entire gate along a track to allow cars in and out, trackless folding automatic gates are made of two panels mounted on hinges that fold inwards to open and outwards to close. As such, no track is required along the ground.

Here are just four reasons why you should consider a trackless folding automatic gate

1. Convenient Installation

When tracks are installed for a sliding automatic gate, you need to have part of the ground excavated so the rails themselves can be built in. This takes added time, and most homeowners would prefer not to disrupt the surface of their driveway if they can help it. Trackless folding gates represent the ideal solution. No work will need to be done along the ground. Instead, the gates can simply be fitted to each side of the surrounding fence or wall.

2. Cleaner Appearance

Since trackless folding gates eliminate the need for tracks and rollers, they create a far cleaner and sleeker appearance than traditional sliding gates. They also sit slightly higher above the ground while still providing good security, so they tend to look more modern. This makes them ideal for those seeking a more contemporary appearance.

3. Easy to Maintain

Cleaning around the track of a traditional sliding gate can be tricky, so dirt and debris will tend to build up quite easily. This doesn't just negatively affect the way your property looks – all that grime can also block up the tracks and rollers or get into the machinery itself, which is going to increase the chance of a breakdown. Since sliding gates sit very close to the ground, the bottom of the gate itself is also likely to get wet and muddy. Trackless folding gates don't present such issues. There's nothing on the ground to trap grime, and they sit high enough above the ground to ensure moisture and mud don't become a problem.

4. Ideal for Small or Challenging Spaces

Finally, it's worth noting that sliding automatic gates can be tough to fit in short or narrow driveways. You'll also run into trouble if you aren't dealing with level terrain. Trackless folding gates are more versatile since they operate within a much smaller area and don't require flat terrain. As such, they tend to be an ideal fit for any type of property.