Reasons to Install an Aluminium Slat Fence

Posted on: 10 February 2022


Front fences for residential homes come in plenty of materials and styles, making it tricky to settle on a design. To help, consider the following reasons for installing an aluminium slat fence.


These fences give your property a streamlined look. The repeated rows of horizontal slats appear neat and minimal. Plus, the slats are slim and not chunky. These fences are thus ideal for modern properties with clean lines. However, they can also give a yard a rustic look. Just choose a brown fence in a bushy environment.


While some metals rust, aluminium naturally repels this scourge. Thus, you don't have to worry about the fence developing ugly browny-red stains. Additionally, the slats are covered with a powder-coated paint layer that protects them from the elements. The fence will withstand all weather conditions without rotting or warping. Metal also has the benefit of not being attractive to termites.

Colour Choices

The colour of the front fence is crucial to the overall appearance of your property. Aluminium slat fences come in various hues and shades, so it will be easy to harmonise the fence with your property. You'll have a choice of neutrals like grey, beige and cream. Or else you can choose colours such as green or blue. Look at other colours in the facade when selecting the fence colour. You could repeat the roof or garage door hue, for example. Echoing existing colours will create the feeling that the fencing belongs in the landscape.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium slat fences don't require much maintenance. The powder-coating process melds the paint to the metal, so it's unlikely to chip or flake off. Thus, you won't need to refinish and repaint the fence as you may have to with timber structures. Occasionally, you could hose off any debris and give the fence a wash to keep it looking new.

Create Your Own Privacy Level

Slat fences let you create your own level of privacy. The slats can be set close together or far apart. They can be narrow or broad. Thus, you can control the privacy offered by the fence with your design selections. If you want to use the front yard as an outdoor living area and enjoy seclusion from the street, just set up the fence accordingly. The gaps within the structure prevent the barrier from creating a closed-in feeling in the garden. They also filter the breeze, so the yard is airy without tending to become windblown.

For more information about available fencing options, contact a local service.