2 Reasons Why Chain Mesh Fencing Is Ideal For Securing The Perimeters Of Business Premises

Posted on: 16 August 2022


Here are some of the reasons why chain mesh fencing is ideal for securing the perimeters of business premises.

Chain mesh fencing is one of the hardest fences to climb

One of the reasons why fence contractors will often recommend this fence material to business owners is that the fences it's used to construct are some of the hardest to climb. This means that potential intruders will be less likely to try to succeed in getting onto a commercial property by climbing over its fence. The main reason chain mesh fences are so difficult to climb is that this fence material is quite flexible; this makes it very tricky for a person to stabilise themselves when they're trying to get their body over a fence that's made from it. Furthermore, because this type of flexible fence shifts and makes noise as a person is climbing over it, a security guard or other employee who is on the premises is likely to notice the fence's motion and noisiness, and as a result of this, spot the individual who is causing it.

The second reason it's hard to climb is that chain mesh fencing has small openings that most adults could not use as footholds if they were to try to climb over this type of fence. Those who attempt to do this usually find that they can only get the tip of their shoes into the openings and that, due to the material's aforementioned flexibility, this small part of their shoes slips out almost instantly.

It can continue to serve as a secure barrier without the property owner having to do maintenance on it

Another reason why this fence material is one that fence contractors routinely recommend to business owners is that it is very low-maintenance and so can continue to serve as a secure fence, even if the owner has virtually no maintenance work done to it.

Chain mesh fencing doesn't, for example, need to be varnished regularly to prevent rot in the way that wood fences do, nor will it be easily chewed up and damaged by rodents. Similarly, because it's non-porous and features lots of small gaps, dirt doesn't build up on and stain the mesh but instead is simply washed away when it rains. This is important for busy commercial property owners who need to secure their premises but don't necessarily have much time to take care of their fences after they've been installed.