Reasons to Install a PVC-Coated Chain Link Fence for Your Home

Posted on: 18 November 2020


If you're researching front fence options for your home, why not consider PVC-coated wire meshing? To discover its benefits, read on. 

Repels Rust

Chain mesh fencing with a PVC layer resists rust and corrosion, as the outer covering protects it from air and moisture exposure. The metal pipe posts and rails have a protective powder-coated paint layer in the same colour. Thus, your fence will retain its attractive appearance for years without developing ugly red rust stains. 

Keeps Children and Pets Safe

With the chain mesh fence covered in a plastic layer that smooths any sharp or pointy edges, these fences are safe for children and pets as they're unlikely to cause injury. If you install webbing with a rounded, knuckle edge at the top of the diamond pattern underneath the PVC, then the fence is even safer. 


You can customise a chain link fence to create an appropriate barrier for your home. For example, the webbing can use different wire thicknesses and the diamonds can vary in size. Thicker wires and smaller diamonds create a sturdier fence. You can also pick between mesh colours like white, black, brown and green, allowing you to harmonise the fence with the landscape. The meshing comes in many different heights as well, so you can install a particularly tall front fence if you need be to contain a large dog or for other purposes. 

Open Viewpoint

Chain link fencing provides an open viewpoint for your front garden. Plants and flowers will enjoy the sunshine and not be cast in shadows. The yard will also feel open and thus look more spacious with a visually clear fence, which doesn't block the curb view of attractive paving and landscape features.

Gate Options

You can select different gate styles for these barriers, whether it be for a walking path or a double driveway gate to protect your vehicles. Decide on your level of security by choosing between different posts, hinges, and locks. For a tougher gate that is harder to knock down, thicker steel posts with a larger diameter can be anchored securely in the ground, possibly within set concrete. Choose robust hinges that can't be forced and a strong lock to make it as impenetrable as possible.

Low Maintenance 

You won't have to undertake much maintenance for a PVC-covered chain-link fence. Unlike timber, it won't require periodic sanding and painting, nor will it rot and warp. The only work you'll possibly need to undertake is to wash it with a hose if it collects debris or looks dirty. 

For more information about chain mesh fencing, contact a local fence contractor.