Why Tubular Fencing Is the Best Budget Option Available

Posted on: 12 August 2020


Tubular fencing has long been one of the most popular types of fencing across Australia, and it is not hard to see why. The simple style allows it to remain sturdy for many years when compared to more bulky and thick fencing options. But what exactly are the benefits of tubular fencing, and how does it stay so good looking despite going through the same conditions as other types of fencing? Here are three reasons why tubular fencing is the best option.

Options Galore

Unlike other budget options, buying budget tubular fencing does not mean you have to skimp out on style. There are many varied types of tubular fencing that you can choose from, including the height of the fence, the type of poles (such as the width, shape or material) and even the colour. That means there is a type of tubular fencing out there that will match any facade under the sun. Always check your local fence contractors catalogues instead of just choosing the first option you come across; you may be surprised at just how much variety there is. 

Less Surface Area

An important design aspect of all tubular fencing, no matter which design you choose, is the individual poles that make up the entire fence. By having space in between these poles you achieve several key things:

  • Wind does not pose a significant threat, even in the strongest and most vicious storms that can tear down regular fences.
  • It is much harder to knock down tubular fencing because you cannot apply an even amount of force to the whole surface area.
  • Rust and corrosion are easier to treat because they spread far slower than they do on regular, flat surfaces. 

All of these benefits come entirely from the simple design choice that tubular fencing employs. 

No More Time Spent On Maintenance

No one enjoys spending a Saturday afternoon fixing up a broken fence that you have been putting off for years, and with tubular fencing, this will almost never happen. As briefly mentioned above, rust is easier to treat and spot when it arrives, so that is not really an issue. Also, the tubular fencing can ward off the elements with ease. Rain, hail or shine, tubular fencing will still be there, looking as good as the day you installed it. Every other decade you might feel the need to repaint it but that is down to personal preference.