Benefits of Aluminium Slat Fences

Posted on: 29 March 2019


An aluminium slat fence creates a perfect barrier for a front garden. Solid but versatile, this design affords a range of customisation options and provides a raft of other benefits.

Durable & Anti-Corrosive

Aluminium is an extremely durable metal that is naturally anti-corrosive which makes it ideal for fences. It is an alloy that originates from bauxite. The extracted alumina combines with other strengthening elements to produce aluminium. When this metal comes into contact with oxygen, an anti-corrosive oxide forms across its surface. This film provides natural rust protection.

Aluminium is even suitable for harsh coastal environments which experience continual salty sea breezes. Being lightweight as well, it is a convenient material to work with when building large items, such as fences.

Privacy & Security Options

A slat fence design balances both privacy and security needs because the horizontal panels provide a degree of blocking to create a somewhat private garden space. However, the gaps between the slats don't make the area too isolated so that a would-be burglar has complete seclusion from the street. You will usually have some choice regarding the width of the horizontal slats and the spacing, which lets you determine the exact level of privacy and the specific look you are after. Wider flat panels set more closely provide a solid style, while narrow slats set wide apart create a lighter feel.

Various Design Options

As well as being able to customise both the width and spacing of the panels for the most functional and attractive barrier, you also can select from a range of colours. The aluminium is typically powder coated various shades. During this process, a spray gun covers the metal with a mixture of resin and pigments. This powder then melts into a hard, smooth finish within an oven. The aluminium slats can also combine with other materials to build a complete fence. Slats can fit within a brick fence, for example; they can heighten it or fill in lower sections of the brickwork.

Simplified Maintenance & Repair

An aluminium fence is exceptionally durable and won't need any particular care. It doesn't require regular repainting or resealing as timber does. All it needs is just a wipe-over every now and then with a gentle cleanser that won't damage the surface. These types of fences are also easy to repair because if one slat becomes damaged, you can just get a fencing contractor to remove and replace it. 

To learn more about your options, contact local fencing contractors.