Choosing the Right Fence For Your Property

Posted on: 29 November 2017


Choosing the right fencing for your property may be more difficult than you realize, as some fences are more durable than others, while some fences may not look quite right, given the overall size of your lot. To ensure you choose the right fence for your property, note a few tips to keep in mind so you know you opt for the best style and material and are happy with that fence once it's installed.


If you want privacy from your neighbours, this can be difficult to obtain without creating a closed-in look around your property. Solid panel fences block the view, but can also seem as if your backyard is walled in, and this can be very unattractive. You might opt for a wood slat or picket fence so that you can space the slats slightly apart. This can obstruct the view and make it difficult for neighbours to talk over or through the fence, while still keeping the fence from seeming like a solid wall.


When choosing a fence for your property, you may not think of common weather conditions in your area, but a fence can be affected by that weather in a variety of ways. Strong windstorms can blow over a solid panel fence since the wind cannot go through any area of the fence; choose a mesh or metal bar fence for areas prone to heavy storms instead. Heavy rains and high humidity can rust most metal fences; wood fences can also absorb that moisture and then rot or hold mildew. Aluminium is one metal that doesn't rust, and vinyl and glass fences also resist absorbing moisture.

Size of Property

A tall panel fence can seem out of proportion for a small property, whereas a smaller fence, such as a standard hurricane or knee-high picket fence, can also seem too small for a large and expansive lot. Before you decide on a style of fence for your property, note if you might want to adjust your choice to fit its overall size. For example, a taller mesh fence might be better for a very large lot than a standard hurricane fence, or you might choose thick brick columns to sit between section of a metal bar fence, to better fit the scale of a large lot. If you want a solid panel fence around a small yard, keep it somewhat shorter, and elevate it off the ground by a few inches or centimetres, so it doesn't close in that small lot.