If You Have a Pool, You Need a Fence

Posted on: 23 June 2017


Installing a pool on your property is a great way to relax and enjoy the summer, but when you install a pool, you'll also need a fence. It's typically legally required that your pool have some type of fence around it to keep out children, pets and wildlife, and a sturdy pool fence can also ensure that you don't find unwanted visitors enjoying your pool when they assumed you weren't at home. When you are ready to choose a fence for your home's pool, note a few simple but very important tips.


Local regulations may stipulate how far apart bars need to be for a wrought iron fence and the size of mesh for a metal fence, so that a pet's nose or head doesn't get stuck in the fence. However, go beyond these regulations and think of your own pet. If they're very active and like to dig, a wood fence may get scratched from their nails. If they like to climb, a metal or chain link fence may sag in the middle from their weight, and a glass fence might show nose prints. The best choice for a family with pets may be a vinyl fence; it won't sag or get damaged from a pet jumping on it or digging around it.


Consider how the fence will coordinate with your landscaping and plantings. A dark mesh fence may detract from the country cottage look you're trying to create with rosebushes, so a white wood fence may be better. If you prefer manicured hedges and few flowers, choose a glass fence for a modern look.


If you're very worried about security, consider that a mesh or chain link fence provides a toehold for climbing, whereas a tall glass fence is very difficult to climb. The glass used for pool fencing is also very strong, so it can't be broken or shattered and doesn't have slats that can be pried loose like a wood fence.


While your property is your own to style as you choose, note your overall neighbourhood; for example, a tall metal fence or overpowering wood fence may stand out and be unsightly where homes are close together. If the homes are very modern and upscale, a white wood fence may also seem very rustic. Choose something you love but which won't be an eyesore or bothersome to your neighbours, so your pool fence enhances your property rather than detracts from it.