Are You Doing Enough to Make Sure That Your School Is Secure?

Posted on: 15 June 2017


Security is a fact of life these days and it's very important to ensure that your facility is adequately protected from all risks and at all times. This type of protection is especially important in academic facilities, for obvious and some not so obvious reasons. If you're responsible for the operation of a school, what do you need to bear in mind as you strive for the best level of protection?

Why Schools Are a Special Case

It is, of course, critically important to make sure that attendees are protected, especially the younger they are. However, schools may become relatively simple targets for burglary and vandalism, due to the amount of time that they are vacant. While a school will usually be situated in a residential area and therefore surrounded by other properties, sometimes the length and breadth of a playing field can isolate the main buildings from a supportive local population. When you consider that these buildings are even more at risk during lengthy school holidays, it's not surprising that insurance companies want to increase premiums accordingly.

Designing the Deterrent

The right type of security fencing needs to be put in place around the entire perimeter of the property. This should be a modern-day mesh fencing system, which is designed to make it impossible to climb without finger or footholds. These fencing systems do not have to be overly intrusive, or unpleasant to look at and the best systems have other deterrents incorporated, to go the extra mile. For example, it is often possible to include an intruder detection element within the fence, that automatically raises an alarm by sending an alert to a monitoring station, whenever it appears that somebody is trying to gain access.

Gate Design

It's also important to ensure that gates are properly controlled, to limit access throughout the day. Monitoring systems should be put in place and allowances made for any emergency vehicle attendance, should this ever happen.

Special Considerations

Sometimes, a security fence has to run along the side of a sports area. These fences can be designed to take into account playability, by incorporating rebound panels and special mesh design. In this way, any ball that hits the fence will bounce back a certain way and with uniformity, protecting the type of game being played.

Figuring It out

Each property will have its own different requirements. To enable your facility to be adequately protected, have a word with experts who specialise in security fencing for schools.