Why Your Garden Fence Should Be Made From Cast Iron

Posted on: 11 May 2017


When homeowners think of cast iron fencing, their first thought is usually perimeter fencing for either security or privacy reasons. Although this material is great for securing your perimeter, its use is not limited to this. If you have a large yard or a garden, you may also want to consider installing cast iron garden fencing. Not only does this fencing offer you more advantages when compared to conventional timber garden fencing, but it will also ensure uniformity if you already have a cast iron fence around your property. So what are some of the reasons why your garden fence should be made from cast iron?

Cast iron garden fencing offers increased durability

A primary characteristic about cast iron is its inherent strength. Thus, this type of fencing would provide you with enhanced durability when compared to an assortment of other fencing materials. Firstly, the cast iron is resistant to weathering. Therefore, it will not succumb to rot, pest infestations, mould and other issues as compared to timber fencing. Secondly, cast iron fencing is impact resistant. Thus, if you have children or pets that will be playing in your yard, you would not have to worry about your fence acquiring dents and other forms of structural damage. Lastly, cast iron fencing is sturdy. This sturdiness makes it capable of withstanding gale force winds and stormy weather without the risk of it being blown away.

Cast iron garden fencing offers high aesthetic appeal

Another characteristic that boosts the popularity of cast iron fencing is the enhanced appeal that it provides to any property that it is installed on. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary beauty, you can be assured of getting this with cast iron fencing. Moreover, the strength and stability of the cast iron are not at risk of being compromised when you choose intricate and complex designs. Thus, you have a broad range of styles and decorative concepts to choose from without having to be concerned about I the fence will still be capable of providing you with security. Some of the popular patterns that homeowners gravitate toward include baroque inspired florals, art deco motifs and more.

Cast iron garden fencing offers easy maintenance

Having a fence that requires arduous, routine maintenance can be an inconvenience for most homeowners. However, some materials require this care for them to retain their appearance as well as structural integrity. Since cast iron is corrosion resistant, you do not have to seal and protect it against exposure to the elements regularly. In addition to this, in the unlikely event that your fencing is to acquire damage, a blacksmith could quickly repair the damaged section with some welding.