Fencing Styles You Could Consider For Your Garden

Posted on: 5 April 2017


When it comes to garden fencing, homeowners tend to place emphasis on the aesthetics of the fencing so that it complements the kerb appeal of their home. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the security or privacy of your home. Knowing what the different fencing options are available enables you to make a decision on what would be suitable for your individual property. Here are a few of the fencing styles that you could consider for your garden.

Picket fencing

Also commonly referred to as palisade fencing, this fencing style is distinguished by its vertical boards that are evenly spaced. Typically used as decorative boundaries, picket fencing tends to be installed at both the front and the back perimeter of the home. However, if you have pets or smaller children in the home, you may want to increase the height of your fencing to make it harder for your kids or pets to sale over the fencing. In addition to this, you should also consider limited or no spacing between the vertical boards so that these children and pets cannot squeeze through the fence.

When installing the picket fencing, ensure that the boards are concreted into the ground to keep them as stable as possible. Picket fences come in an assortment of materials, but if you would prefer low maintenance fencing, steer toward non-organic materials such as PVC. Not only is this material weather resistant, but it is also easy to keep clean and attractive.

Closed board fencing

If your primary reason to install garden fencing is privacy, you may want to consider closed board fencing. This type of fencing style is characterised by vertical boards that overlap each other to eliminate the possibility of people peeking into your fencing through the boards. In addition to the vertical boards, this fencing style also has rails that function to support the vertical boards. The additional horizontal rails enhance the overall sturdiness of the fence, making them one of the strongest styles you could choose for your home. For added privacy, you can increase the height of the vertical boards to your preference.

One thing to note about closed board fencing is that it can be expensive to install when you are sourcing for raw materials. If you would like a viable alternative, you could consider purchasing prefabricated closed board fencing that is composed of readymade panels and rails. You can then have a fencing contractor install it for you or opt to do it yourself.