Fencing: Tips to Maintaining Your Chain Link Fencing

Posted on: 27 February 2017


Chain link fencing has a reputation of being one of the most durable as well as sturdy fencing materials that you could use. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it does not require maintenance just as other fencing materials do. It is essential to know how best to care for your chain link fencing to prolong its lifespan for as long as possible. Moreover, routine care will also ensure that the fencing stays attractive. So what are some of the tips you could use to maintain your chain link fencing?

Tip 1: Routinely apply a finish coating

Although chain link fencing is not as susceptible to corrosion as materials such as iron are, they will still end up developing rust due to the constant exposure to moisture. The corrosion process can become accelerated if you live on the coast due to the sea salt in the air. To prevent this, you should routinely coat your chain link fencing with a finish that is rust resistant. This will prevent your chain link fencing from becoming an eyesore as well as prevent it from deteriorating.

Tip 2: Routinely clean and wax your fencing

One aspect of maintenance that is usually overlooked by homeowners is washing their fencing. This is because they assume since it is located outdoors, it will simply accumulate dirt in a short period. This is especially true with practical rather than decorative fencing, as people will assume as long as the fence is functional, it does not need to be cleaned. The reality is that the accumulation of dirt on your chain link fencing can start to compromise its finish over time. This, in turn, would make it susceptible to structural defects in the form of rusting. This is why it is important to take the time to wash your fencing after a couple of weeks so that it can retain its original lustre. One thing to note though is that you should steer clear from harsh chemicals. Instead, regular detergent and water would be sufficient.

Tip 3: Routinely inspect for loose fasteners

A major problem that you would have to contend with when you have chain link fencing is loosened fasteners. If these are not attended to, the chain link mesh will steadily come off the posts and your fencing will be useless. You should take the time to check whether the nails holding it in place are still in good condition or if they have to be replaced with new ones.