Deciding the Best Choice of Pool Fencing for Your Home

Posted on: 23 February 2017


When you have a pool at home, you're probably legally required to have a fence around it; even if not, a good fence can keep children safe from being in the pool unsupervised and also help secure the pool from unwanted visitors when you're away from home. Rather than just settling for a hurricane fence because it's the cheapest option, you might note a few other choices you have and then decide the best material and style for your home to enhance the look of the pool area and keep it secure.

Glass fencing

Tall glass fencing has the advantage of being very difficult if not impossible to scale, so it may be the best choice if you're very concerned about unwanted visitors or keeping children out of the pool. However, this can also cut off air circulation around the fence, so you don't enjoy as many cool summer breezes. Glass fencing may also require the most cleaning; even wildlife rubbing their noses on the fence can mean marks and smears that need to be cleaned constantly. You can help avoid wildlife and pets from getting near the glass fence by planting shrubbery around the exterior of the fence, but then this too will need work and maintenance to keep the shrubs healthy and trimmed.

Metal fencing

An aluminium fence can actually be a good choice if you like the look of metal posts around a pool, as aluminium doesn't rust or corrode even when exposed to pool chemicals. Iron and steel may be very durable against dents and dings and other damage, which can be a good consideration if you have children and pets who tend to run into a fence with bikes and toys. However, these metals are heavier than aluminium and may need deeper foundations for the posts, which can be costlier.

Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is a bit different than standard chain link or hurricane fencing, as the mesh is much smaller on these fences. This doesn't allow for any toe holds, so a mesh fence is very difficult to climb. The mesh does allow for more air circulation than glass, but doesn't need the constant cleaning of glass. A thick gauge of mesh will also be very difficult to cut even with wire cutters, so the fence is secure against potential intruders. However, the powder coating or colouring will typically wear off after some years and will need a new coat of colour, so this cost should be considered when deciding on a pool fence for your home.